Missing a skill point

I am currently lvl 50 with 47 skill points when respect when I should have 48…does anyone know if they are working on fixing this or am I just SOL…it’s a lil sad that they spend time working on stuff we don’t ask for…nerfing guns, drops and everything else that they think is going to make us play there game longer when In reality It’s making us what to play it less…we NEED patches for the stuff about the game is BROKE…game crashing, missing skill points, falling through the map, AI getting stuck, and many other things

Also just a thought but maybe an app that would allow us to move gear from one character To another…rather than…quit the game loading in a different character going to the vault dropping it off…quit the game load another character go to vault to pick it up…it’s just a little bit of an inconvenience

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Did you try to do a respect to see if that gives the point to you? Its a longshot but worth the try.

Did you put in a ticket to support? I saw in another post via a moderator that these tech forums are just for getting help from other users not the company techs.