Missing active missions after update on 10-3-2019

So i’m not sure if this has happend to anyone else or if its just me however, when i loaded into the game after the patch was downloaded, all of my active side missions in the missions tab were gone. The only missions that appeared in the missions tab were the story missions and side missions i had already completed. None of the side missions that i have yet to complete were there nor any other missions i had yet to complete. Also none of the yellow exclamation point icons indicating that an NPC had a side mission were appearing either on the map nor above the NPCs character model. The reason i think this was due to the patch that took place on 10-3-2019 is due to the fact that when i was playing prior to the patch i still had access to all of the side missions i had yet to complete as early as 10-2-2019.i have tried to verify my game files through the Epic game store launcher and even tried to re-install the game, unfortionately neither of them fixed my issue.

i’ve already made a ticket with support on 10-4-2019 and they have yet to respond to give me any more information to try and fix my issue.

Was wondering if any of you guys have had a similar issue and/or have any suggestions to try and fix this