Missing badass rank, skins, heads and golden keys

Hi, could anyone help with my problem has today I loaded up my save on borderlands 2 on Xbox one and noticed I’ve lost all my badass rank, skins, heads and all my 50+ golden keys for all my six characters.

I had the same problem today. I emailed support and I’m hoping for a response but I’m guessing we aren’t the only ones and they’ll get it figured out. Good luck LeeAllsopp

This has been a common issue, if you reload your characters one by one you will get your bar back.

Then enter a support ticket and they can help with heads/skins/keys.

Sorry I’m on mobile and don’t have the support ticket link but if you look around here in the tech support sections or google it I’m sure you can find it.

Hi, thanks for trying to help me out with all your advice but reloading all my characters didn’t sort out my badass rank and how do I submit a ticket ?


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I’ve had this happen before, which is why it’s always a good idea to backup your savs AND your profile sav to a USB stick and/or the online storage via the savegame utility.

If you do this, you can easily fix any problem you ever have again in minutes, by yourself.

( yes…I learned the hard way )

…ps…everything it sounds like you lost is data that is universal PROFILE data.