Missing Bank items? Is this a thing?

I’m curious if anyone else has had items go missing from the bank? I had a Raging Bear MOD and now I can’t find it anywhere. I know I had it because I farmed that POS Billy forever to get it but now it’s nowhere to be found which makes me sad.

So this is weird i looted weeks ago 1 redistributor i only keep the corrosive consecutive hits one. I notice in my bank itsa different anoint kill stacks.

I just say to myself… Was i that tired? No ive used it twice n put it in the bank… Wth…

At this point i dont care anymore. I have.

But also during the cartel even it let me get beyond 400 bank slots.

Now i dont have beyond 400… With everything else going on i didnt care to voice about it anymore.

Normally not. When the game just got launched there was a bug that could occasionally wipe your entire bank, but that wouldn’t just result in individual items going missing and it also was patched out relatively quickly.

Do you still have an old savegame where this item was still in the bank?

I have no idea because I have no idea when it disappeared. I haven’t played with that MOD since the earlier Moze updates when IB first became good before M2.0 was released.

If you had a savegame where this item was available, you might have had the chance to get it again.

It happened to me on Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. I lost all banked items and all of my bad ass ranks. Gearbox was able to reinstate some of my bad ass rank but there was nothing they could do for the items lost.

Yeah that happened to me earlier in the life of BL3 where my bank was empty. Thankfully, I had created a batch file to backup all my save files and was able to restore my stuff. This is something different. It’s just one item out of my bank. I mean it could be some other items as well that I don’t remember but I don’t think it’s related to the bank/character corruption that was happening randomly earlier on.