Missing cash and Iron Bear deployment issues

I have been farming the Warden for a few nights and got a glitch tonight where my cash amount disappeared. I had over 800,000 in cash and I quit the game to load back in and my cash amount was at 114650 which was not what I had prior to my quit and reload.
I’m also experiencing an issue of loading my Iron Bear and getting ejected from it the minute I get into the pilots seat.

ive had both of these bugs, went from 20mil down to 15 mil just by zoning from map to map, dont really care tho because money in this game has no value.

ive also had the iron bear bug a few times but ive since wised up and realized the iron bear is actually a massive dps loss and should only be used to get you out of a sticky situation.

all in all i cant help you just say you are not alone.