Missing Character Challenges

So before the update I had finished a few of the “Master of…” character challenges where you complete their lore and complete a match with them at rank 15.
Right now those challenges have checkmarks that I did both tasks but the progress bar says “1/2”. I have the skins and titles but the challenges are listed as unfinished.
I finished the “Master of Beatrix” challenge and it is marked as completed. I ran through several missions with the characters I have the “Master of…” titles but still listed as “unfinished”.
Please help me :frowning:

Did you check if all lore Pieces are unlocked?

It gave me randomly the “Master of Alani” stuff but when I checked I had still lore to do.

If it’s not that, you should contact 2K support, send Picture of the Charater Rank, Lore and the Challenge Screens. They should be able to fix it.

They’re aware of the issue. I have the same problem, and it’s taken effect on almost every Master challenge at this point. I’m not that worried at the moment, though. I’d guess it gets fixed by next patch. Support wanted me to take a video going through the command menu and proving I had completed every lore challenge, had unlocked the master title and purple skin, and had completed a match at level 15 for each Battleborn I was experiencing the bug with.

I was like “…there’s no way I’m recording a 5 minute video walking you through my entire command menu to prove my platinum trophy is legitimate, I’ll just wait for the devs to issue a fix.”

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Luckly I didn’t have that many “Masters of” so I could do video, but if you say that they are aware of the issue then I guess I will wait for a patch.