Missing DLC 2019

I was just playing 2 days ago and everything was running perfectly… I boot up BL2 this morning and every character I have is giving me the dlc content is missing message. I own and have the Handsome Collection installed so there should be no way that I dont have all of the DLC ( except for the brand new Commander Lillith ) There is also nothing else available in the ingame DLC list/store. All of my BL2 toons are all op8 but everytime I get into the game everything is scaled to 72 but my character is still using all of their op8 gear ? Im unsure of how to resolve this and DO NOT want to risk losing my thousands of hours of (progress):joy: !! Can anyone help me out at all ?

I can’t I play on PS4

Im beginning to think that it may have something to do with the newly released DLC. I just saw a video clip that said theres another level increase included with it.

There are indeed 8 new levels and 2 new OP levels, so you’ll now be able to play up to level 80 and OP 10. Make sure you got the title update, grab the new DLC, and go to town.

See the thread in the PlayStation THC Tech Support area.

Alright well that’s awesome to know ! But, is that why I’m getting the error message and once loaded in everything is scaled back to lvl 72 ? I appreciate your response regardless though I haven’t looked through this new “updates” notes yet and truthfully I’m unsure about what I should even search for to view them.

There haven’t been official patch notes yet, but there’s a thread here detailing what you can expect.

Note that you can also now start a new character and immediately boost them to level 30.