Missing Episodes?

So apparently, and I don’t know if this is happening for everybody else, but my digital copy of Duke Nukem 20th anniversary is missing three episodes which is basically a total of 25 levels that are normally a part of the Megaton Edition. Is this a bug or what?

Sadly, this is not a bug. It is a legal thing. As these episodes were developed by third parties, gearbox has to acquire rights to them before releasing them. Moreover, as far as i know, 20th anniversary was developed on a different engine, so there will need to be some porting involved.

All this leads to them not being included in this package and i think it will stay like this for quite some time if not forever.

There is some speculation, that they will be released later as paid DLC, how friggin stupid is that? I really hope that gearbox wont pull out anything like this, as their reputation is already shaky to say the least.

Jesus Christ, for every good thing that 20th anniversary has it has like 1-2 awful ones, including muffled sound, missing episodes, getting pulled out of ps3/vita. It’s like a gamification of Jekyll and Hyde character, or something.

I can’t believe this. How do they not have the rights to have the dlc? Wasn’t that the point of the damn lawsuit? And, AGAIN, they did’nt feel like they needed to tell us about it??? If this is the case, then unfortunatly i’m going to have to request a refund. Im not losing money to Gearbox for ANOTHER half-assed game. I have given Gearbox enough chances after the absolute farce that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. No more. I am so disappointed and I refuse to support this behavior anymore.

It’s not “DLC”.

There were expansion packs, made by third party studios and not released through 3DR.
The point of the lawsuit was to stop studios that had no claim to the Duke Nukem character from making new games featuring him.

While it was nice that the Megaton Edition had all the expansions, as they can be hard to find… it’s fluff content really.
Duek it out in DC has a few interesting locations, and Life’s a Beach is slightly entertaining because of how everything is reskinned.
But, they are subpar content that lack the creativity and spark of the original game’s episodes.

I know it’s not the popular opinion… but, them not being in this release… is fine with me.
In the Megaton Edition I didn’t even bother playing them enough to get the achievements for all of them. Having played them before when I bought the retail boxes.
I’ll play and replay DN3D over and over without hesitation, but those expansions are a chore.

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