Missing fast travel from map and stations

I’m playing on xbox one with a level 42 flak. I had finished main story and was doing heist dlc. I was getting my butt kicked so I traveled to sanctuary to lower mayhem mode and decided I wanted to grind out to level 50 battling bosses. I geared up, went to map from menu and navigated to pandora, then to destroyers rift. There was no travel station to fast travel to. I then decided to try great vault. Nothing. I tried floating tomb. Nothing again. Black barrel cellar. Nope. And so on. Now there are a few I can travel to but not most of them. I thought maybe this was something you intended with hot fixes, but then I tried unlevel 50 moze and they were all there. Please fix when possible or let me know if there is something on my end I can do to remedy this asap. Thanks for the help!