Missing fast travel stations

So, I finished the game, then tried TVHM, then went back to my normal playthrough after hearing a recommendation on levelling up to lvl 50 before trying TVHM. I was then gonna go farm some bosses, but most of my fast travel stations are misssing and nekrotafeyo is missing from my echo map. So now I have to go through every map again. Also, i can get to nekrotafeyo, but I have to go to Sanctuary, then fly to Nekrotafeyo, then go into the drop pod, then go through nekrotafeyo to a fast travel station.

this same thing happened to me and the bad part is that i cant find my way back to most of the places flood more basin wont show me how to enter the anvil and voracious canopy. i tried joining a friends game to see if that will help me recover the fast travel stations but it goes off of who’s game is joined so when i joined him i had all the ts’s but when he joined me he was missing them as well. so now im wasting un neccesary time walking around looking for ts’s when i should be farming.

Happening to my son also. Pandora/Promethea are the only 2 planets he can go to and both have limited fast travel locations. Beat game, tried TVHM, went back to normal game to level doing side missions.

I’m on my first playthrough and I’m having trouble getting to any fast travel stations.

I can’t travel to Slaughterstar 3000 in my TVHM playthrough either after beating the game, the option to navigate there isn’t available like the side mission type thing that comes up