Missing Fast Travels (Commander Lilith) SPOILERS

I was playing through the new Commander Lilith DLC and got to Helios where I killed Uranus (lol) and completed Sirentology. I wanted to go back to “The Backburner” to turn in my quest, but accidentally chose “Gluttony Gulch”. Now I only have the DLC fast travels, except for “The Backburner”, which makes me unable to go to the Commander Lilith DLC.
Also I always spawn in at Windshear Waste (the starting area) and can only go to other DLCs.
Any help would be appreciated.

Put the spoiler alert in your title…

Sounds like a bug in the new FT destination sorting. Is there a “sort” option in the FT menu somewhere? If not, please file a support ticket. Meanwhile, you can try posting in the on-line play section and see if there’s someone you can join at an appropriate point to continue the story.

im actually stuck on sirentology. i accdientally choose to go back to the sanctuary before the dlc and when i try to get to my quest i cant because first, i dont have a travel there and 2. there was some tube or whatever is called (bad with english) making like a bridge so you could cross, thats how i did it first, and now is not there. or is there something iim missing because i dont know what else to do.

There is a Sort option, but it just changes what few fast travels I have to be in alphabetical order.
I’ve submitted a ticket to the support team.