Missing Free Homeworld Key

I just got my email for my Homeworld Key from the Gearbox Community Day thing, but where my key should be it just says << Test Steam Key >> Does anyone else have this issue?


seems like a lot of people are experiencing the same issue, pleas let tech support know using this link:


I am also missing my key. I have the same “<< Test Steam Key >>” message.

Same here.

Same thing here. Seems like the sync between their key database and mailer failed when they sent it. Hopefully, they’re working on fixing it.

Same here. Glad to see it’s not just me.

Ah, cool, I’m not the only one. Figured I’d come check the forums before opening a ticket about it. I assume they’ll send out a new email eventually with the working keys.

Got the same email with the same “code” << Test Steam Code >>:)

Can confirm, also just got same email with the << Test Steam Key >>

Hey folks,

We’re working to correct the issue with CD keys. https://twitter.com/GearboxSoftware/status/570262418787426304

Keep an eye on your inbox!

Yep, same here. Not worried, though.

Edit: I was a few seconds late anyway. Glad it’s being fixed!

Thanks for the reply Jeffybug!

Same here.

Thanks Jeffybug!

same thing here i dont have my steam code either it just says “<< Test Steam Code >>”

From twitter
@GearboxSoftware If you received an email with a blank/test code, hang tight and you will receive a fresh new code shortly!

Just got the new email with my key included. Thanks for the quick response @Jeffybug2

I got the new email, and it contains the key correctly.

Just got the second e-mail but it says it’s a duplicate key in Steam…

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…Did anyone else get a second (edit: fourth?) e-mail with an additional key? >.>

Received a second e-mail with the code, but Steam says it has already been activated.

Edit: okay, I’m not the only one. Bit of a relief…kinda.

Me too duplicate key