Missing gear after transfer

Apologies if this has already been reported, but I tried searching and didn’t see it.

Last night I tried transferring my main BL2 character (Maya) with all of my OP8 gear. I was able to upload from 360 to the cloud, then download her to Xbox One. However, when I went to load her, I got an error saying something about not having the required DLC. It still let me load the character in OP8, but all of my Legendary Class Mods are gone (Cat, Nurse, and Binder).

There was a yellow exclamation point by ‘Downloadable Content’ in the main menu, so I clicked on that hoping it would fix it, but I just got an “Unable to enumerate” message. I tried to load the character again this morning to see if maybe it just took a while for all the gear to transfer, but my class mods are still missing.

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Hi @RockKing- so sorry to her you’re having troubles! Did you update both games (old gen and new gen) with the latest patch?

Additionally, here’s a thread we’re using as sort of our cross-save FAQ. Maybe some helpful info there as well:

@joekgbx I’m pretty sure I did update them both. It’s just weird because all of my DLC guns are there and work fine. It’s only the DLC Legendary Class Mods that aren’t transferring over. I guess I’ll just try double checking that I have the absolute latest patches installed when I get home.

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Copy that. In the meantime, I’ve passed this along to the team so they can look into it. :slight_smile:

The same thing has happened to my lvl 72 psycho whenever I transferred i lost all of my class mods