Missing Gold Skins/Preorder Bonus

Why did you take away all of my gold skins and put them on the market place for money? I own the digital deluxe edition and have had access to these gold skins since day 1, but now you remove them and try to make a profit off me again? I’ve given you so much money, but this is ridiculous.

For those who need proof. http://imgur.com/a/mzQQY

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According to the Battleborn site: https://battleborn.com/en/news/view/en-battleborn-digital-deluxe-edition-season-pass/

Digital Deluxe gave out the cyber skins and people were rewarded the golden skins for preordering.

Looking at the Rath skin that you posted and the Rath skin on that link there are some variations to them (the red shoulder pads and red sash thing that is on the picture that you linked doesn’t exist on the one in the site.)
You’re 100% sure that the skins that you had from preordering are no longer available to you? Have you tried to reset your game or console and check again? If you’re missing anything in game that you should have access to then I highly suggest you open a support ticket with Gearbox and explaining what happened and what you should have access to.

You can send any grievances here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Yes I am 100% sure. I no longer have access to my gold skins for Marquis, Thorn, Rath, Reyna and Montana. I have tried to restart my game and console but nothing has changed. My friends are having the same problem. They have taken the golden skins and put them up for real money. I hope this is a glitch and not an attempt to try and get more money out of me.

I have already filled out a support ticket, so we will see where that goes.

“Remove them”? I don’t know what the heck you are talking about. I just logged in and those skins are not on the marketplace and everything is exactly as it was before.


But demanding responses is not ok.


That’s rather odd, make sure to tell your friends to send a support ticket as well. Hopefully it’s just a bug or some mishap and you guys get your skins back.

Oh yeah, look at the pictures…cause they are there!

No need to “demand” anything. Lets keep cool. I am sure the nice people who handle support claims will figure this out for you. :slight_smile:


Sorry,I love Gearbox and Battleborn. I just spent a lot of money on Battleborn and to have my skins and things I paid for taken away (if it isn’t a glitch) in an attempt to get more money would upset me greatly.

If you said that you play on console it can be a glitch on that version. I play on PC and have my pre-order gold skins and don’t see any new gold skin on the marketplace.

I am on console. Lots of other people are reporting seeing them in the marketplace as well. Hopefully this is the case.

I’m on PS4 and I’m staring at the skins in the marketplace right now.

It looks as though they’ve released these skins for those of us who didn’t preorder could purchase them (I’m guessing). I’m sure that everyone who should have access to the skins will get them back soon enough.

Yeah, it seems like something went live before it was intended or otherwise a glitch of some kind. Hopefully it gets fixed right away. There’s zero chance this was intended to happen in that way.


I’m on PS4 and have access to all of my gold skins. Not sure what is happening, but it seems like a glitch.

Do you see the skins in the marketplace as others are reporting?

The only premium skins I see in the Marketplace are the Tier 2 ones, no gold skins. I’m U.S.A, EST if it helps.

I’m also USA EST. I’m on Xbox though, but up above a PS4 user is saying he does see them on the market. Honestly, I don’t care if they sell them, but I do care about them taking mine away.

I would file a ticket with Gearbox Support if you haven’t already.

I did

Good luck with getting everything sorted out soon.