Missing Gold Skins/Preorder Bonus

Reports of the skins now being for sale on PS4, Xbox and PC.

No one else reporting they have lost access however it seems. Would love a response Gearbox as to what is going on…

Please be patient.

Just updating for the people in the thread.

I have lost mine as well. I hope this gets sorted out. I am on Xbox.

Same issues, my friends are reporting the same thing.

I have my Golden skins. Don’t see them in the Marketplace
It may be that you didn’t pre-order? I dunno

I had the skins up until today…so I did…

Also didn’t I just show you pictures of them in the marketplace and other people in this thread and on reddit have confirmed it as well.

I’m having the same issue. Only se ms to be milko, shayne and aurox that still have their gold skins

For anyone else experiencing this issue, may i suggest submitting a support ticket.
It’ll help bring more light to the issue as well.


Just for an Update, I have been in contact with Gearbox and they are currently looking into this.

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I did the preorder and digital deluze, I have all gold skins no problem. I was talking with a friend earlier, who does not have the gold skins and they show up in the market place for him.

I pre-ordered and have all of the gold skins as before. They aren’t showing in the market for me.

My fiancée didn’t pre-order and she can see the gold skins in the marketplace.

Personally I don’t have a problem with them being available to buy to those who didn’t get them for pre-ordering.

Yeah I don’t either, but I did preorder and had access to them until yesterday, as did many others.

I never got any gold skins :triumph:

Sounds like you should file a support ticket then. It was the preorder bonus

Yes, there doesn’t seem to be any pattern as to who lost the skins and who didn’t.

So we can assume that it’s a bug caused because they will add the golden skins to the marketplace.

I would say they’ve already added the golden skins to the marketplace, whether they intended to, or not. I’m sure by now people have already bought them.

The bug is in taking them away from people who already had them. I’m guessing the only reason people didn’t sere them in the marketplace is because they already had them and the system registered it correctly.

I’m not sure adding them to the marketplace is the bug, I think removing them from people who had them is though.