Missing Gold Weapon Skin

I know it’s late for complaining about this but basic I pre ordered borderlands 3 and never got my gold skin I installed it looked in game for it and didn’t have it and I uninstalled it just now to try re-installing it and now it’s telling me I have to pay for it even though I got super deluxe edition so could you help me out

I’m guessing you bought the disk-based version? It had a one-year expiry date on the card with the code. Not sure if there’s anything that can be done about that, and apparently you’re not the only one who didn’t enter the code when they got the game. All I can suggest is filing a support ticket.

I brought the digital super deluxe edition

What platform?

Xbox and my account is linked to gearbox

Nothing in your in-game Social > Email?

Nope sadly

Not sure then. You could try filing a using the link above.

Where is the link?

Second post, the orange text is a hyperlink. There’s also a link in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

Thanks for trying to help and I messaged support hopefully something will happen