Missing Golden Keys - BL1 GOTY Remastered

I played BL2 on Playstation but chose to buy BL1 Remastered yesterday for Xbox One. Before I launched the game I linked my SHiFT account to my Xbox ID, but in game it shows I have zero golden keys (and I did not get the 2 weapons). Selecting SHiFT in game, it greets me with my user name, but no keys. Anyone else have this happen? Advice? I have submitted a support ticket for it. Thanks!

Moved you to the right spot. I’ve seen scattered reports of missing keys. I’m guessing that the servers got hammered pretty hard yesterday, which could be a contributing factor. That said, you’ve already done the thing I would have suggested. Hopefully the crew at the support desk can get you sorted out.

I’ve having the same issue.

Although I might have just found the problem: I haven’t logged into my SHIFT account on Borderlands 2 yet, because I didn’t know it was a thing back then. The save files are a couple of years old and I’ve played it a couple of weeks ago for the last time.

So I’m hoping the keys will appear in B1 GOTY once I log into SHIFT on Borderlands 2, because in the article on this site it stated that “you have had to previously logged in”.

Hopefully it will recognize my savefiles as being not recent and grant me the rewards.

That would certainly be a blocker - you have to have logged in to SHiFT from the other games on the same platform in order to get the rewards.


I’ll log into SHIFT in Borderlands 2 tonight, redeem my rewards I have still waiting for me there and then I’ll restart B1 GOTY and find out if I’ll have been rewarded with the Golden Keys. I’ll even try to create a new character (Lilith again :sweat_smile: ) and check my imported character from my old Borderlands Xbox 360.

I had not read about needing to be on the same console family, that sucks. However, last night, I purchased the Handsome Jack collection for Xbox One played for a bit, then went back to BL1 GOTY…the keys were still not there. Am I out of luck trying first to go from PS3 to Xbox One for original BL2, then now trying BL2 on Xbox One after first launching BL1 GOTY?

It has to be the same console family to get any of the loyalty rewards. The only way I was able to get the loyalty rewards for Borderlands remaster was to delete my account completely and make a new one which sucked so I would be a little more patient and hope they can figure it soon

Right now, I’m having trouble getting the loyalty rewards for handsome jack collection. I own the original games on PS3 but shift is not recognizing that I do even though I am logged into shift on the PS3 version. I have only played for a few minutes on each game as I made a new account last year. I had no problem getting the loyalty rewards on handsome collection with my older account

I don’t know. You could try deleting the BL1 GOTY R, firing up BL2 for a bit, then reinstalling the GOTY. No guarantees though - it depends on exactly when in the startup sequence the game does the SHiFT verification for the bonuses.

Always make a backup of your profile save when you have Gold key lol