Missing Golden Keys

Need a little clarification here. I have been a huge fan of the series since the very beginning and have been one of its biggest supporters. Pre-Ordered the Handsome Collection the very first day they began accepting pre-orders.

Yet if I understand everything correctly since I switched from Xbox360 to PS4 I am considered no longer loyal to the series or the developer?

How does that work? You can SEE that I played the series on Xbox via my SHIFT account, but somehow I am not loyal? Its insulting to me that despite all the support over the years I have given to this series that a simple choice of console suddenly means I am no longer viewed as a loyal fan of the series and am not deemed worthy of specific rewards.

Then as if that isn’t enough despite the fact that I entered the 25 key code in both Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel I only ever received the 25 keys for Borderlands 2. I only received a single key from the code on the Pre-Sequel. Meaning that instead of having 30+ keys I SHOULD have I only possess 14.

Can someone give me a little clarification and help here?

i went from 360 to ps4 an i got all the loyalty rewards. somehow my bl2 badass rank is also 20k but my tps is 7k i also got the 75 keys, skins, moonstones an weapons etc. so you should get them as long as your shift account is the same etc. my tps badass rank was 15k like bl2 somehow but my shift save for tps got corrupted so gbx had to resend the stuff an i ended up loosing jus under 10k badass rank for tps somehow. at least im nearly where i was in bl2 on 360 with its badass rank anyway.

also tps keys you have to collect in game at the shift station in concordia if you dont already know that. so when you enter the code itl give em to you but you wont see them until you redeem them from the shift station opposite the fast travel.