Missing golden keys!

I used a whole bunch of shift codes for keys and skins that I found online. Any/all that were expired obviously did not score me golden keys. ALL of the ones that were still active worked. 3 hours ago, I had OVER 150!!! Ran an errand and my xbone shut off (power saving settings active), when I fired borderlands 2 back up, I am showing 1. ONE GOLDEN KEY after I had over 150 literally 3 hours ago or less. I logged into my shift account on my phone, it is still (right this second) showing successful redemption of all my codes under the “rewards” tab in the menu drop-down. DOES ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION??? Does GEARBOX HAVE A SOLUTION FOR ME??? I was honestly going to preorder borderlands 3 once my direct deposit hits my account at midnight tonight, but if im going to have real nice and real useful rewards/currency/loot basically stolen from me, ill just stick with the division 2. Seriously, someone from gearbox (or anyone who has knowledge of how i can get my stuff back) should probably respond as soon as humanly possible

If you had left your session running, then your XBox shutting down may very well have caused the loss of your keys. They are stored in a single file (separate from your actual save files) along with your heads, skins, BAR stats, and stash contents. This can get corrupted by a loss of connection or power interruption while updating; it can also get over-written by the cloud sync version if the game wasn’t exited properly.

You will need to file a support ticket for the lost keys. Make sure you grab your SHIFT support id from the in-game SHIFT menu (instructions are on the support form). You should receive an automated reply shortly, then a human response later on.