Missing Grenade Information

After the October 29th, patch I noticed some information on some grenade mods was missing. The problem was resolved but I just noticed some information is missing once again. I’m on xbox 360 and my magic missiles are missing all writing on the bottom of card, below the stats. I also noticed that my meteor shower is missing information on the bottom of the card as well. Anybody else noticed this after they released a hot fix to fix it previously?

You need to be online for the hotfix to be applied. If you are not online (connected to Internet and Xbox Live on your Xbox 360), then you won’t receive the hotfix. If you are online, then I don’t know why you wouldn’t be receiving it. Perhaps there is some issue with the hotfix. Since I also play Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360, I will start Borderlands 2 and see if I get the hotfix and have the correct info for my grenade mods.

EDIT: Just went online, @lukeulbrich1 . I definitely got the hotfix, since I have all the writing on my MMx4 Grenade and the Green rarity MIRV grenade in the vending machine correctly lists the number of child grenades. So, there doesn’t seem to be any issue with the hotfix itself.

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I have occasionally suspected I haven’t received past hotfixes; I’ve been informed that the hotfix isn’t actually applied to the game until the end of the launch sequence and, if you jump in quickly, it might not be active. As a result, I always wait a little before either hitting Continue or pulling up the character select screen. At least with this current hotfix it’s pretty easy to tell if it’s there or not, as you point out.