Missing head skins

Is there an ETA yet when we’ll be seeing the “like, follow, and obey” heads along with the “Nog mask”? It’s been a while now and we haven’t gotten much news on those.

I hope we get them with this patch and they fix the broken ones. They fixed the Super Deluxe Edition ones with the Bloody Harvest Event (2 months later or so). My OCD (I mean CDO as it should be Grumpy cat meme) is missing them.

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That would be nice and since their reveal months ago it would be nice to have them :confused:

NOG Mask is specifically mentioned in today’s patch notes (in the News sub-category) I think there were some others mentioned as well?

I’ve noticed the Nog mask and a few skins which was awesome. Still missing the maliwan takedown heads :frowning: but progress is progress.