Missing Heavy Weapons

So, some Manufacturers are missing certain types of weapons and that is fine, after all an SMG would not fit the Torgue explosiveness. But what about Heavy Weapons? In previous games, the Heavies were more or less variations of Rocket Launchers, but in BL3 - like all other classes - they got way more varied to include non-standard weapons and there was an opportunity to make the heavies for each manufacturer and we can have an ultimate option of each of our favorite brands, so I was disappointed to see the restriction was not only kept, but even Maliwan and Tediore that had Launchers in 2 lost theirs.

And yes, the reason this thread was made was that I wanted to see a Tediore Heavy turn into a robot and punch bad guys until they explode.

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Tediore MIRVs already hit like trucks. Imagine Tediore Heavy MIRVs. Iā€™d also like to see more weapon types. Mostly because of the creativity behind it.