Missing ingame items; request REAL LIFE SUPPORT

For what ever reasons, I am missing items. Between Trinkets to skins, like the Bloody Harvest rerun ones, to my Bounty of Blood Devildino tooth trinket. If I can get some help on what the HELL is going on, I’d love that, but as of right now, I am getting frustrated right now. So PLEASE if i can get a phone number to TALK to someone that would be great as well, but I am just… On the LAST end of my nerves.

Sorry, but BL3 support is handled by 2K and they don’t as far as I know do phone support. You can file a support ticket and ask if you can get someone to call you, but I honestly doubt that would happen.


Their Support ticket stuff didn’t help.

Did you follow-up with them on their last email to let them know that their suggestions did not resolve your issue?