Missing items from bank [Master Thread]

So, I was playing Borderlands 3 yesterday like a lot of us, I got into Sanctuary 3, left my legendary items in my bank and after a while went to sleep. Today I’m going on to see that my bank items are missing and a head skin I got from a quest is also missing from my customization options. Anyone knows what can be a problem? I can get head option on my second playthrough but legendaries, most of all deluxe edition exclusive ones!


Same thing happened to me put class mods unique and legendaries in and log off came back to zero items in my bank which was pretty much full at the time!

My legendaries… my bank is empty of the items I had too. My preorder items are missing from my mail as well. I collected them on my Moze. And still had some to redeem on Fl4k, but Fl4k no longer has anything in thier mail.

Update: take a closer look at your screen, my “bank” screen, the screen it opens to, is empty. However, my “backpack” screen, the second screen, has my banked items in it. I’m just not gonna use my bank for now… scared of what’ll happen.

PC player here. My bank is also empty :frowning:
RIP Super Deluxe items.


same … my legendaries are gone . how can that even happen coming back to an empty bank? now at 0/30 nice

Same issue on my end. I quit the game after falling through the map after a cutscene. Came back to find my Bank empty.


I have put more stuff in my bank to see if it happens again but my items are still gone

My bank is empty as well

Goddamn same thing, was saving my legendaries and mods till I could use them and now they are all gone. Where can I put in a ticket to gearbox?

also have this bug, after falling through the world and game getting stuck (killing process)

looting the (bank) items from your backpack tab, puts your inventory into your bank, which you can then take out of, but you lose all items in the bank

if you have less items in the bank then in inventory you might lose some i bet


Alright, I just got it to do it again. I just finished a long session split screen with a roommate and left trash in my stash and now in solo it’s all gone. Don’t know if it’s the cause but I also bought a bank sdu in the split screen mode, and my roommate was the host.

Just realized this was pc oops

What @Sockrust outlined is what happened to me as well when I lost items form the bank. Was playing on a buddies online game, put items in the bank, purchased a bank upgrade (not sure if before or after adding items to the bank), ended game. Next time I played solo the bank had nothing in it. I did not see the items in my inventory either and they ended up lost.

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yo another poor guy who lost all unique and legendaries in the bank.

Just got on today and was gonna store my legendaries i was no longer using, went to my bank and all 35 of my legendaries are gone. Didn’t they have WEEKS leading up to this where they could have fixed this ■■■■? Hours worth of farming, gone. i love this game but holy ■■■■ Gearbox really let me down with this release


Lost my banked items today too. :frowning:

yo guys hilarious story here i encountered another bug which lost me like 10 hours of gameplay but funnily enough all my items were back in my bank

Just fell through the map after a cutscene, went back to store my loot and bank was empty