Missing items from bank [Master Thread]

FFS… I heard of this happening days ago and guess what just happened to me?

I’m on PS4 and I’ve been playing Local Only for a while. (Don’t believe I received my pre-order Vault keys or Early Adopter pack, either, even though I played every day since release.)

Now, I haven’t been to my bank for a couple days but last time I checked it, everything was there. Haven’t grouped for two weeks, haven’t fallen through the map but did buy a bank space upgrade a couple hours ago.

There was a patch a couple of days ago, why the **** wasn’t this part of it, I’d like to know. Surely they can’t still not know what caused this for so many of us. SMH.

Same. I have 1 solo and 1 local coop character, and loading back and forth empties the entire bank every time

Also lost my whole bank, 50 items. I checked it after the Troy bug (though I’ve had that before without my bank going missing ), but not sure what caused it. The amount of bugs, and the impact of them, is just embarrassing.

Same here :frowning:

Lost my bank yesterday. The only different thing from my normal routine was playing matchmaking proving grounds for a couple of rounds. Exited to main menu, loaded back in went to bank boom insufficient stash space resolved itself.

All super deluex items gone and the other as well

Same thing happened to me this morning… hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Happened to me third time now… this game is now 3 weeks old, we had about 3 hot fix patches and nobody from gearbox even adresses this issue?

That’s poor…

Hotfixes don’t change code, only data in memory. Gearbox have stated that they are working on code patches for the serious issues players are encountering while releasing whatever is ready to go (first update) or can be addressed by hotfix. Major changes have to go through console certification before release. Hopefully we’ll see a patch sooner rather than later; while GBX have stated that they hope to have information for us soon, they won’t announce a release until they are sure it can be out on schedule.


So what do you expect us to do now? We’re playing a looter shooter right? to loot n earn items but you’re taking that away from us with the bank wipe bug. The Halloween event is coming up and I do want to play but haven’t even touched the game since the whole point of the game is gone?

spent literally days farming for weapons and class mod for next characters. All of them gone…Now we know who the real “vault thief” is

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So 14 days lost posting again for those who show up or don’t scroll trhough 135 plus posts. :smiley:

I too have lost my entire bank storage and about 50-60 guardian ranks… working with support on the issue this morning :frowning:

Same thing has happen to me, as of this morning. All skins, bank, keys and guardian rank gone!

Pardon the pun but this is Borderline ridiculous…

If more than the contents of your bank have gone missing ie you also lost ranks, keys, heads & skins, then it’s not the same issue as this thread was originally about and addressed in the last patch.

Somewhere in the directory structure of your game on disk should be a file named profile.sav - this is the file that contains everything mentioned. If this gets corrupted (such as by a power glitch or game crash while updating) it will indeed cause the loss of your items.

Depending on which version of windows you have and how you have your system configured you may be able to roll back to an earlier version of the enclosing folder.

If you were using the Epic cloud sync system you could also see if there’s an older version of your files there. I do not know if that system backs up everything or just the individual character saves though.

If you’re running any kind of game backups of your own, it’s important to make sure you also include this file in that process.

It definitely sucks to have this file get zapped though - hopefully support can help out with some stuff, but they won’t be able to restore everything because the file is local to your computer.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Will do, from now on. Thanks!

My bank is gone as well 10 legendaries and some nice class mods I needed. This really sucks. I lost 40 items.

I play on Xbox One: My bank was deleted a little over a week ago, they were all legendaries and the bank was full. I’ve been playing since launch so all my stuff was everything I saught after or favorited. Really pissed about this to be honest. When my bank deleted, my inventory stayed and my gun decorations in my room stayed. Now I just logged on today and my Lucian’s Call is missing from my inventory… I’m not a clutz at all and there is just no excuse for this. I am a loyal player too, so this is frustrating…