Missing items from bank [Master Thread]

I play on ps4 coop and lost all the legendaries I was saving for the next play through. I am gutted. That should really be fixed. I would be happy to just get a big bunch of golden keys for the troubles to make up for my favourite weapons I kept. I probably wont get them back but at least I’d arm myself with something else :confused:

My bank is also broken i put all my SUPER DELUXE EDITION items in there since they are starting level and now my buttsatlion grenade is gone along with everything else I got

yeah, over 30 unique legendaries gone

Same here, my bank is empty :frowning:

Same for me, lost everything, would be nice to get back at least the pre order items…

i lost all my 40/40 legendary just before the last mission lol

Same here, i’ve lost everything

So after completing a certain end-game mission, the cutscene played and immediately after I spawned falling through the map. After watching this for about 3 minutes the scene cut to a still from under the map, and then to a still at the closest spawn above in-map (no visible guns or character). Once I realized I was stuck for sure, I reloaded the game and everything was fine. I then went to Sanctuary to check for any lost loot after the reload. After grabbing it, I went to my bank to store the uniques/legendaries aaaand everything was gone. I’ve just hit level 40 recently so you can imagine how much loot I had stored in my bank. I’m very disappointed and quite upset. Even though I wasn’t going to use those weapons, there was a sentimental value. I’m not sure how this issue would be addressed, but I wish it would soon. I definitely would not like for this to happen again. And as much as I wish I could get all of my loot back, I can’t imagine that being a possibility.

I apologize if this was a bit rant-y. Just feeling, frankly, pissed.

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I just lost all my bank items too and I play on PS4. Lots of legendary items form my golden keys. Grrrr please fix. My problem just happened after I left the game from grinding a boss and then logged in and 0/35 bank storage. Also strange enough my Decorations are missing on the walls as well. One more thing, I Do you recall buying the $200,000 backpack SDU and $81,000 bank SDU you just prior to the situation.

Just lost all my items in my bank and it reset my bank size as well. I also have the stutter issues as well. One of the worst launches of a game I’ve seen in awhile. 2k support is the one you want to reach out to. I dont know if they will do anything but its worth a try.

Yeah my brother falls through the floor on that boss everytime BUT he does eventually die (after several minutes of falling :rofl: ) so he can collect all his loot

Also he just recently lost EVERYTHING in his bank aswell

Edit - forgot to mention I submitted a ticket several hours ago but no reply yet

Where do you submit a ticket? I was thinking of doing the same.

You can submit a ticket here:


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I submitted a ticket for this issue 9/15/2019 but no substantive response yet.

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Same thing for me today too, all gone! (on pc)

On ps4 the same thing has happened to me 2 days in a row. Gearbox needs to fix this NOW I’m so sick of having my legendarys deleted. Its honestly ruining my experience with this broken game.

just lost my vault as well. fell under the map after a cut scene, had to quit the game in order to move again and lost whole bank (pc) 10/10
rip 100$ content btw

Aye. same here.
only played coop so far and had a couple of items in the bank since the beginning. purchased 2-3 bank upgrades and the items where still there. after a coop session with another buddy i went to deposit more stuff in there, bought another 1-2 bankupgrades and today when i wanted to retrieve an item all was blank.
I put another weapon in it and “puff” it was gone too.
RIP preorder stuff

Same here . The legendaries are no problem but the super deluxe bonuses are missing too and I paid real money for them so I want them back.

Same problem here, had a bunch of legendaries and deluxe edition pre-order stuff in there and now its all gone!!