Missing items from bank [Master Thread]

Same here, anyone get a ACTUAL ANSWER for this or when there going to be able to fix it?

“To look into this further, could you please tell us if you checked your bank while in a group? Once you’re grouped up, the location of the actual bank moves based on your party position.”

This was from 2k support. I only grouped up once with another person, might be good looking into.

I just went to my bank and all stored items are gone - mostly unique rewards and legendaries. PC, standard purchase. Never played in group. Yesterday, after falling through the map, I restarted the game and found the legendary from that battle, stored it and went on my business to the next planet - still had all my items. I still have 4/8 Bank SDUs unlocked.

I was actually in a party so it might be the case. But now I’m scared to group up with same friends and check it out since I can lose all my 50 legendaries I stacked in my bank.

And my data point is that this happened to me with solo play. I’ve never been in co-op. And all items disappeared.

So I put in a ticket when this first happened, maybe 3 days ago now, and GB has yet to respond. I did a ticket at 2K as well and they got back to me within a day. But they pretty much just said GB knows about it and is working on it.

same happened here. I don’t really care but was wanting to give some buddies the legendaries I got. Just want to add my +1

Thats their canned response. no sh*t the location moves but thats not what we’re saying. ffs.

So what happens to my bank stash in endgame if it just keeps deleting all my gear. I had about 6 things in my bank just for saving and they are gone… joined a buddy’s game and my bank was cleared out. Left to solo and same story.


Got the same problem
It worked perfectly just till now
But then the bank is randomly empty with all your loot

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This just happened to me. Lost a full 50 legendary items, and all the toy box/ buttstalion loot at level 50. Suffice it to say INCREDIBLY frustrating. Please get to work on PC patch ASAP.

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Yep u will never guess what happened to me. Good bye all 50 legandarys in my bank. Rip my life for playing this game 12+hours every single day since release l

Same here. 50 items in the bank. Imagine this wouldve happened in bl2 where you dont get 50 legendaries shoved up the butt. However i saved low level legendaries for the next chars and now everything is gone. How can this happen?

For all those affected by this, please file a support ticket for this issue. If you can pin down as close as possible when this happened (during a session or after quitting and restarting, for example) that would be helpful.

So i got back to sanctuary and I wanted to switch back to a different legendary shield and suddenly my bank is empty? Anyone else know why or had this problem?


I’ve had that happening to me just now!
Did you put any DLC items in there? That’s what I did so perhaps the game doesn’t deal with them very good and corrups the bank since they have different weapon IDs?

Happened to me too! Seems to be happening a lot to others to. A few post of reddit about it. But no answer.

I’ve played the whole game solo and went to bank vault and everything had gone. I’m on PS4

its happened to me 3 times now every time i upgrade it i go back and its empty

After loading the game this morning and going to put a legendary into my Bank all of my items are now missing. Multiple rare and legendary items, to include all of my pre-order items.

Please resolve this issue, im scared to put anything else in the bank for fear of losing the items.

There’s already a thread on this

it’s happening to alot of us now.