Missing items from bank [Master Thread]

Lost my bank too, hmmm, i think i’ve lost it after i bought an SDU upgrade…

I had a similar thing exect I lost my Quick Change, Guardian Rank and Trinkets. I have to get a character to 50 to get a new Lyuda

I’ve had zero issues until now, swapping between co-op and solo play daily since launch, but I loaded up the game today and discovered an empty bank. Wall decorations, trinkets and guardian rank still seem to be intact. Last night I fell through the map after a certain late-game fight - seems to be a common occurrence for many people with bank issues. Co-op partner quit out first (I’ve always been host), then I quit, and when we came back I had the boss loot drops in the lost & found but he didn’t. We continued to play for a few hours after that. I’m pretty sure I accessed my bank in that in that timeframe and all was fine. This morning, all gone.

I’ve been religiously backing up my save directory, so I guess I could try to restore from earlier, but that would mean losing several hours of play today and probably our co-op progress from last night since it seems like this bug may have happened in the middle of our session - meaning my co-op partner and I will now be at completely different levels. I doubt we backed up at the exact same times.

There would be no way for me to remember specifically everything that was in there. Several legendaries, several good guns for alts as they started out, some of the pre-order stuff. Very frustrating.

Edit - I was able to recover most of what I lost by creating a temp copy of my highest level character’s (thus largest inventory) save file and dropping it into an old backed up save directory, making that backed-up save directory temporarily my current one, opening the new temp character up in-game and unloading my bank into their inventory, and then dropping that save file back into my current save directory and putting the stuff back into the bank. It’s convoluted and time-consuming, but at least I got most of my stuff back. So that’s a workaround for now for anyone who’s consistent about creating save backups. Note that I backed up everything before messing with it because although I’m working on the assumption that BL3 treats .sav files and profiles similar to the way they did in BL2 I’m in no way sure of that.

Lost all the contents of my bank as well. I played mostly solo but did a whole bunch of side missions online, I had a message appear on screen asking if i wanted to skip completed missions from a previous game, went back to sanctuary and bank was empty.

My stuff in the bank vanish today. I didn’t have anything super important but now i’m afraid to use the bank. I 'm carrying 4 or 5 legendary with me because of this

Bank was empty this morning for host, player 2 nothing missing. Playing online co op on X1. I reported it to 2k support but this is hugely disappointing to lose all those legendaries and pre order items. Lost all trust in the Bank feature, this is a huge bug!

My bank items disappeared as well, I’ve played solo the entire time.

I don’t see how it’s a epic games problem, when it’s happening across platforms. Players from Xbox, ps4 and pc are all experiencing the same problems.


Just logged in today and had all 50/50 legos gone lol. any update on how to fix or if theres a fix coming? Also am i going to get my stuff back?

Lost around 40 legendaries, of which quite a few were really amazing, inculding some class mods.
Utterly disappointed. Not sure if its even worth playing the game now. Suddenly the famous “Looter Shooter” game has turned into a simple “Shooter” for me.

EDIT: Never played Coop. Always solo.


Ran out of inventory room again so I was forced to use the bank even though it deleted a lot of my ■■■■.

Sure enough, it deletes everything again. How is this not hotfixed yet? This is a massive bug.


Same thing happened to me, after switching to true vault hunter mode and then going back to normal.

I lost all of my items in my bank also. I finished defeating the second vault monster, i go back to sanctuary and next thing u know all my bank items are gone. I submitted a ticket to 2k support and gearbox support. This is a HUGE bummer as i also had super deluxe items in my vault and a ton of special weapons with splash messages and legendaries also. Almost as if the grind wasnt worth it. Epic games also kept making me choose between cloud and internal i belive. I kept choosing cloud cause why not “its safe”. Safe until u lose hours of progress

Fixing the bank glitch is almost certainly NOT something that can be addressed by a hotfix, but will likely have to be addressed through a code patch. I understand there’s an actual patch that should be dropping soon, but I don’t have a schedule for that or any information about what it address.


That makes sense. I’m not knowledgeable enough about the limitations of hotfixes, only that they’re temporary.

They basically have to be things that don’t change executable code. So data values, resources, constants, default values - all those are just things in memory and can be changed without toughing anything else.

The email I got from 2k Support.

Sep 21, 12:25 PM CDT

Please note that this is an automated response

Hey Sokar30,

Thank you for reaching out to Pandora’s 2K Support.

We’re sorry to hear those Children of the Vault made off with your loot.

To look into this further, could you please tell us if you checked your bank while in a group? Once you’re grouped up, the location of the actual bank moves based on your party position.

If you’re still unable to see your items, please provide me with the following:

  • SHiFT ID:
  • SHiFT E-mail Address:
  • Detailed list of the items that you’re missing:
  • Video/Screenshot showing you accessing your bank:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach back out.

See ya Vault Hunter,

2K Support

NOTE: I have just recalled, with near certainty, that the last thing I did on Amara before leaving the game was to buy the last bank SDU.

I had been playing my level 50 Amara in TVHM story. I had recently stored a number of things in the bank, all was well. I quit to main menu and loaded up my level 14 Fl4k. I ran around sanctuary with him for a bit, collected lost loot and sold it in order to buy him a bunch of SDU’s, and saw that one of the items in lost loot was actually an Amara class item, so I went to store it in the bank.

My bank is empty, 0/50. I had somewhere between 30-40 items in it and they’re just gone.

Same here on PS4. Have 3 characters, 2 solo games and 1 local coop. No matter which character uses it, the bank empties all contents every time the game exits.

PC Player here. Logged in today and my Bank was completely empty! Had all my legendary s for different levels now all gone.