Missing items from bank [Master Thread]

I too, have had a similar problem. Beat a boss, entered a cutscene. Once the cutscene ended, I appeared in a blank space without a gun. Couldn’t open my inventory, but could open the pause menu. Exited out of the game, and went back in again. Wanted to see if any of the loot I was literally unable to get was in the lost loot machine. Found some of the loot in there, so I went to put it in my bank. When I opened it up, the bank was empty. Very upsetting, as I had a ton of good loot in there.

How are we going to be compensated for our loss of items/preorder items/deluxe items and so forth? How about all the Quest items saved up during TVH50 for the hardcore collectors? Is GB going to say “sorry bruh looks like you’re gonna have to get a new character, play it up to TVH, get to 50 and then redo ALL the side quests”?

What are the options?

Xbox player here. Had the same issue here. Had a cutscene happen where I fell way through the map a mile away from everything losing all the loot from the boss I had beaten. I came to store some things just to find that the 20 or so legendaries I had stored were gone from my vault. Also have had bugs where I explore huge chunks of the map just to find those areas unexplored again when I look at the map, and I’ve never seen anything in the lost loot thing, so I’m assuming that’s also bugged.

Lost loot only picks up blue or higher rarity items. If you’ve picked something up and then dropped it, it’s considered discarded and won’t go into Lost Loot. It does work, though. (XB1 player here)

I do wonder if it’s affected by the bank bug though - anyone know if Lost Loot is also shared across characters?

I get what you’re saying. I frequently leave purple rarity items on the ground because I usually have something better, and I’ve only seen it say empty.

Solo or co-op sessions?

Solo. I don’t really play coop

I’d file a support ticket then - not sure what the issue is, but you ought to be seeing stuff in there.

Lost some SDU upgrades, bank SDU got reset completely, all bank items got deleted, several skins and heads bought from crazy earl got deleted, all guardian rank got reset.
This game is as broke as a crack prostitute from Texas.

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Check the lost loot cache if you haven’t already, the legendaries I “lost” because of the falling glitch got stuck in my lot loot

This is not a problem anymore since my latest crash just got my save file corrupted so now I can’t play at all :slight_smile:

I lost like 30 lv 50 legendary and 20 anointed gear could you please fix…

had the same email too. its unreasonable to ask for a detail list of the items that we are missing since the whole bank was wipe out. mine has 30 items i don’t know how can i remember all of the details for those items.

So is this thing fixed yet or should I still not be using the bank? Losing your exclusive items which we have paid for and even not having a bank is a big issue. My bag space is now full and I can’t even play the game at this rate because I don’t want to lose my items again by putting them into the bank.

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Not fixed, I just lost my entire bank. WOW WTF this is a serious issue and it is not fixed?!?

not yet. they haven’t updated us with those issues yet.

thanks for reply guys, suck this is still going on. what is the point playing a looter shooter if they don’t let us keep what we grind lol. I might have to make a new character if i want to keep playing as there is no point grinding for high end gear… Could try and level ranks but missing a huge part of the game :frowning:

Lost all My 50 legendary items. All known to be the best gear in the game and everything over gearscore 500. I can confirm that multiplayer or splitscreen has nothing to do with the bank bug. It’s a cloudsave issue in Epic store app. Turn off cloudsave and only using local save. Haven’t lost anything yet after that. Still not acceptible to lose over 50 hours of boss farming and grinding. Get this fixed asap! There’s absolutely no way to carry all your loot so an upgrade to backpack space to atleast 50 would be nice and 100 bankspace.

Every time I log out and log back into the game, everything but my character’s equipment and look seems to reset. My Guardian Rank reverts to its status prior to assigning points, my bank resets all its items so no matter what I take out or put in it always just goes back to how it was when I started playing this morning and nothing I do seems to fix it.

I don’t know if this is the result of my editing my .sav files to fix the “Try Again” bug, but I’m at my wit’s end here and there’s no point playing because I just lose half of my progress once I stop.

It seemed to me to be logging in and out to switch items between characters. Ive played primarily solo until this point and it has happened three times now.