Missing Items from Importing Save File

Just downloaded the update 1.03 and it didn’t fix the import save missing items problem, so I am making this post for visibility. The ticket I sent to gearbox support was answered as if my problem was with loyalty rewards.
To clarify, the problem seems to be with the import save file mechanic and some items like the Bessie, Dove Hornet, Leviathan and Avenger, even legit ones, do not transfer over the new file and get lost in the process.
If anyone have the same problem, please, send a ticket to gearbox support and comment here to give visibility to the problem. Thank you very much.

There’s a whole thread discussing this. It seems like it may not be the import process itself, but tweaks to parts in game?

I have read the thread, but decided to post in the PS4 section, because there was speculation that there wasn’t a problem in the PS4 version. Also, there was a patch and it didn’t fix so I’m reinforcing the problem so it can be seen.
It may be specific parts bug, indeed. But even then the problem should be adressed as soon as possible :).
Thanks for the response!