Missing items in collectors edition

I received my collectors edition and it’s missing the keychains… does anyone know how I resolve that?

Have you checked your in-game mail? if not, do that

Have you clicked on the trinket square next to an equipped weapon in your inventory list? From what I could tell, that is the only way to see the trinket inventory.

In watching the unboxing videos online I thought we were getting physical keychains, like real life keychains.

Keychains on the left are what i am missing.

Hmmm physical keychains. Yeah I have no clue on that. My guess would be gearbox customer support or talk to the retailer you got it from about the missing items. I do hope a mod or somebody who got that edition can help you figure it all out though.

They should be in a green coloured box with “Vault Key Mimeos” and “Promethea Exchange” written on it.

Ya, I didnt get that box, wtf.

That sucks. You should definitely contact 2K.

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Mine is missing the game