Missing Krieg Skin

Has anyone collected all Krieg skins in Handsome Collection? I have 98/99 skins unlocked for Krieg and need to know the last one. I checked my skins with my pc save which has all skins unlocked. I noticed there was 101 skins on pc but only 99 skins on ps4. The names of the skins that are on my pc save but not on my ps4 save are:

How do i vests
Tricks are Treats
Pick the Scav

One of these skins is in the ps4 version the other two are not. Any help would be appreciated. :smile: I am offering free 72 and OP8 legendaries and Pearls to whoever can show with proof the last skin.

PSN: hitman10466

HOW DO I VESTS - Community Day 2013 SHiFT Code or Rare In-game Drop
TRICKS ARE TREATS - Rare Drop in TK Baha Bloody Harvest
PICK THE SCAV - The Pre-Sequel Customiztions SHiFT Code

Looks like you may have some grinding in your future.

But how can they all be in it, im missing one skin?

I’m just a lowly Support AI so I can’t say for certain but I suspect it isn’t counting the SHiFT Code connected Skins since they aren’t all normally obtainable outside of their Code. I’d have to check what my Skin count is at home to be sure.

Thank You

I found out that the missing skin was in fact Tricks are Treats after it dropped from pumpkin kingpin. Thanks fr telling me where to farm RapZowsdower

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