Missing leaflet of DLC

I had borderlands 2 for Christmas off my partner , sadly it was 2 nd hand and it didn’t have the DLC . I’ve played BL2 on Xbox 360 , PS 4 . So I really want to play it again but would the downloaded content . Would I have to buy it again or does anyone have a spare code that I could purchase from ?

Did you get the retail version? (Store-Bought) Or as a bundle on the vita.

It was store bought and not in a bundle pack , my partner has asked the person about this and asked him if he got the code but he said he has thrown it out

hunh, you get the dlcs if you either buy the ps vita bundle, or buy it off of psn.

No , my partner bought ps vita and 4 games off eBay which included physical copy of borderlands 2 , it didn’t come with the code for the DLC content inside the box of game . When she asked the seller if he still had the code for the DLC , he threw that out as it was on a leaflet.

yea, if Borderlands 2 came in a box like thisimage, then thats the retail version, which don’t come with dlc added. If you want the extra dlc, you’re gonna have to buy it off of psn. Sorry, I don’t currently understand a lot about your situation.

Partner bought the physical game only , not the bundle and you can not buy the DLC thought the the play station store for the ps vita version ,it has to come with physical game . I was hoping someone had a spare copy that they didn’t use or didn’t want but it’s now looking I’m going to have to buy the game again