Missing loot drop bug

Ever since the last patch I’ve had horrible luck that may be be a bug. I kill badass, annointed and named enemies (rare spawns) and NO loot drops. Not just no legendaries but Nothing drops at all and it’s happening too often lately and having no gear drop doesn’t seem like bad luck. I’m playing tvhm on mayhem 4

Anyone else seeing this?

Giga does it to me every 5th run or so, just drops junk and no leggos. It’s just RNGesus being cranky.

Does it happen every single time, or some percent of the time? E.g. like 1 in 10 kills or 1 in 2 kills etc.

Your best guess/estimate?

I’ve noticed a decreased drop rate from mobbs in general.
Bosses seem the same but the anointed enemies, that used to be fountains of loot, are now nearly bone dry.

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I’ve been levelling up the last of my four characters (Moze) in Mayhem 3 for the past couple of weeks and have felt like I’m seeing fewer legendaries per session than when I levelled my previous characters in Mayhem 2. A small sample size, sure, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past the devs to sneak a reduced drop rate into one of these hotfixes. It hasn’t really been bothering me, since the rates still feel higher than BL2 and the Pre-Sequel and my Moze has access to three playthroughs worth of hand-me-downs anyway.

Not even whites and greens? That sounds like a bug.