Missing Lore Legendary / Lore trophy behavior

I know this has been reported before, but wanted to report it again. I actually had mine bug out a little more than normal.

I finished Orendi’s lore, received her item no problem. When I was working on Ambra, I had 4/5 completed and was working on finishing the Solar Wind kills. I actually had the trophy for completing her lore pop at 200 Solar Wind kills. Went into character challenges, and it showed the challenge for completing Ambra’s lore as complete, but without a check in the box.

Finished the Solar Wind Kills. Now her lore page is completely finished, no gear drop.

I hope these can be retroactively provided later.

They need to fix these lore problems pronto…

I have a similar problem with Caldarius. On his lore page I am done I can read/listen to all 5 lore items, but on the game challenges tab under characters it only shows 4/5 complete. I did not receive the trophy or his character legendary either.

On Oscar Mike I have the trophy and everything is done in the menus, but I never received his item.

I even went as far as too uninstall the game and delete all the saved data to try and fix the issues, thinking the problems might be on my end. But, after reinstalling the game the problems are still there, so the errors definitely are on 2k/Gearboxes end (where ever the metadata is stored).

I hope these are addressed soonish. I am a collector by nature, and these bugs honestly drive me bonkers.

I finished Ambra’s lore and it glitched as well. I have all the lore finished but the challenge says 4 of 5 complete still. Thought going into a match and getting a few more solar wind kills would pop it. 8 matches later still nothing. I was really enjoying the game till this happened. Didnt have a problem with Marauis though

Bump because important

Doubt they get on it anytime soon. I’ve contacted them twice. Just get, “They are aware of the problem.” Great, how about fixing it.

Bumping because how is this STILL an issue? This should be a top priority to fix. Still missing my Kleese legendary.

THANK YOU! Like holy crap Gearbox, how bad can your priorities be on this game? How about fixing the major game breaking issues that have been here since the release of the game rather than patching little stupid fixes and improvements when this should be an utmost priority issue. Or at least give us some acknowledgement on the forums and give us some type of update to let the community aware that… “Hey we haven’t forgotten about those of you effected by this issue”. I have not been playing Battleborn much at all just because of these issues and my issue of Orendi’s lore trophy never being awarded on PS4.