Missing Loyalty reward weapons

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So, today I started a playthrough as Wilhelm in TPS and when I opened my inventory, I noticed that the Smasher revolver was missing. It also felt like I was missing one other weapon but I can’t be sure what that other weapon was.

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Do you mean these loyalty rewards?

If so, note the caveat about only redeeming on a single character applies.

If you’re referring to the bonus blue uniques and 30 moonstones, you only get those in the PS3/360/PC versions of the game, not the Handsome Collection (PS4/XB1) versions. If you still have your PS3, you could create a new character there and then transfer it to PS4 to get the uniques.

(Ryker61) #3

I was referring to the Jakobs Smasher Revolver and the Hyperion Bullpup shotgun, both are Blue quality guns. I checked my Athena character and she had her Smasher pistol in her bank vault. I just checked my Nisha character and she didn’t have hers until I checked the SHiFT station in Concordia and both the pistol and shotgun were there. I could’ve sworn those guns were supposed to be added to the vault hunter’s inventory at the start of the game.

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I’m not entirely sure how it works but I had a friend who never owned TPS on PS3 but he still played BL2 and after he bought the Handsome Collection and transferred all his saves he created his first character on TPS and got the new weapons. Strange that they showed up at a later time but at least you got 'em :slight_smile:

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I only get those If I start a character on 360 and transfer it to XB1; I don’t get them at all if I start a new character on XB1. I would have assumed the same on PS3/PS4?

Edit: I sent in a question to the support team about this. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Edit 2: @Ryker61 here’s what 2K support said