Missing Music in Multiple Areas

Anyone else experiencing times where the music just stops? As I’ve played through the game many areas at many instances just have no music at all. For instance, the entire time I was chasing Carnivora in the gigantic arena, it was silent. Ruined that story mission for me somewhat, as the only audio playing during that part was my vehicle and the enemies’ vehicles. Another time was during General Traunt’s fight on Nekrotafeyo. Just ruins the atmosphere. I’ve also noticed that in The Slaughter Shaft after I go down, the music just cuts and doesn’t come back until I’ve weirdly killed all of the badasses on the map. (Very specific but that’s I’ve tested it and that’s apparently how it works.) There are a few other instances of this happening but I can’t remember them specifically. I feel like this needs to be patched eventually because this game’s music and great but more importantly a necessity in the background. When it just doesn’t play it feels awkward.

One simple task to debug the issue is to verify game files, it may or may not work. Sometimes it does. If not, it may be a Win10 issue.

I have verified twice, what do you mean by Windows 10 issue and do you know if there is a solution?

I have had this on Console. The most notable areas are the vehicle based mission that have very pronounced music. Beneath the Maridian was not the same without the songs while driving the Project DDD. Iv had if happen a few time some are more noticable then others. This is often when I’m in multiplayer lobbies.