Missing one grenade type

ok so ive made my own cryo zane build.
i found a rare lvl 41 whispering ice grenade and wanted a legendary form. looked on wikia and noticed there are no legendary ice grenades.
just wanted to let them know would be nice to get one.

Hex grenade, Tina’s Hippity Hopper, Widowmaker, Tran-fusion, Surge, Hunter-Seeker, Fastball- All come in cryo.

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There arent any that make giant icicles that are legendary, but the are lots of cryo grenades as stated above

oh oh, a grenade that mimics the tornadoes that Aurelia makes with ice shards in them!

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The Hex has the single highest Cryo efficiency in the game. Use an Ice Breaker with it and normal mobs will be stuck frozen and easy to kill with headshots :smiley: