Missing planets and Fast Travel/New You stations?

Playing Fl4k, xbox one, story mission completed. Only Pandora showing on echo galaxy. Have to travel in sanctuary to each planet and pod down to add them back. Major issue is that all FT/NY stations were changed to undiscovered or unsynced, whatever. Can’t fast travel until I re-explore every inch of every map AGAIN. This sucks gearbox…

This just happened to me! Trying to farm in Mayhem 3 but only have Promethean and Pandora!

Did you play the whole story solo or co-op?

Same thing happened to me when I joined a split screen game that wasnt as far into the game.

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Co-op, and planets missing in solo

Were you the host or was someone else. Because ive never played co-op myself, but from what ive read only the host will keep the progress, the other players have to host or solo to get that progress in their session. Like i said though, never played co-op so i could be wrong and it is a bug.

We switched back and fourth through the campaign, and I have played solo and co-op. Everything was always there, but I logged in after my session last night and it was mostly gone. I’m bumming about this one.


Had the same playing spit screen today also lost my entire bank off loot

I played split screen with my daughter after I beat the game to help her beat the first vault monster. After that I lost all of the planets in fast travel stations I found later in the game. how do I get those back without manually going to each planet and going through each level. That is an unnecessary grind.


I had the exact same experience did anyone follow up with you on this. I keep hearing to just join someone and have them take you to all of the fast travel points. This isn’t a fix to the problem which is whats needed here. None of my friend play BL3 so I’ve been stuck unable to advance

Has this been solved? I’m suffering same situation on PS4. trying to do some old missions in Mayhem mode after beating the story solo, joining other people’s co-op and hosting my own. There are only a handful of locations I can get to using fast travel, I can’t even get to the starting point of most missions.

Same issue. Has anyone found a fix?! :pray:

All I can think of to suggest is to go to Sanctuary’s bridge and “Navigate that b@$@@” to the planet you want to go to. Then go down to Ellie’s and use the drop pod. You will enter the planet at it’s drop location which should reunlock that fast travel station. Then to unlock other fast travels on the planet, you will have to drive back to them.


Played some couch coop with my wife who just started the game a few days ago…
Fast travel beyond her game disappear. So I guess all I have left to do is to “manually” travel to each planets. Use Elie’s pod. Travel to each area. Make sure I unlock each and every stations…

… And join her game again later today? :man_shrugging:

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