Missing planets

After completing the game yesterday I decided to continue doing side quests and level up all was fine, booted up today and found all the planets had gone, I could fly to each one from the star map compute thingy but once arrived and go into fast travel, orbit view the only planets available are pandora and Promethea and worst still once I select either of the two planets they would open up and show all available fast travel points but would have no physical points to travel to

Happened to me after i jumped into a coop game with my girlfriend. Not sure what set it off but she did find a fast travel point i didnt have before and when i jumped back into my game i had her fast travel points and none of mine (the 4 planets i explored when she was still on pandora)

Same I joined a friends game in coop (he started a new character) and now I’m stuck on pandora and sanctuary! This needs to be fixed asap I prob spent 60-70 hours leveling up this character and farming legendaries and now it’s useless.