Missing pre-order skin

As title states, I pre-ordered through 2k, got the code about 3-4 days before release (or more) redeemed it and installed it, even logged in on release night. I can not find the gold skins anywhere and my pre-order confirmation email and receipt where they charged me states that I should have access to these skins. I have put in tickets everywhere I could, but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and might know of a solution. All my steam, shift, epic games, and 2k accounts are connected. I’ve received every other bonus that I expected except the golden skins.

You change weapons skins by going into the item screen, inspecting the weapon and the option is on that screen.

Same trouble, i used my code on epic game luncher for the pre-order bonus but nothing appear on my mail box in Bds 3 …

I’ve gone into all my skins, I only have the Gearbox and Retro skins.

Have you also gone into your mailbox in game, they should have sent you a letter to open with the skin.

yeah, I’ve gotten 5 gold keys, all the legendary weapons and stuff for deluxe edition, the CoV weapon, but no gold skins, and I’m thinking it’s because i pre-ordered through 2k because my girlfriend went through epic games and she has the gold skin and had no issues with getting it.

I have a similar problem but with the xbox store, but I haven’t found a solution. I’m currently just commenting here to be able to come back if a solution is found. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Bought Super Deluxe edition, didn’t receive any mods or skins from mailbox. Do advise.