Missing reward from Broken Hearts Event

Okay, got my first 10 hearts, clicked the “claim reward” and got the ECHO skin. All good. Made it up to 25 hearts, went to claim reward, box was already checked. Checked my weapon trinkets and it’s not there. No in-game email, no nada. Tried logging out, logging in again, restarting my PS4, etc. What to do? Thanks. EDIT: Hit 50 hearts and no gun. What’s going on?

Same with the SMG Polyaimorous. Didn’t recieve it but I got the Sniper. Really want that SMG! All the other awards unlocked fine except for that one.

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It goes straight to backpack.

Nope. Smg wasn’t there. Why i said the others unlocked fine. Found sniper etc in backpack but not smg.

Were you playing coop when you hit 25 hearts? Seems odd that it would have already been checked off like that.

Nope, not playing co-op. When I go to the boxes–and hit 50 hearts last night–same thing, already checked off. No goodies, no gun. And I am still missing the weapon trinket. Also, definitely playing solo. Not sure why this is happening but apparently I am not the only one.

Because I am paranoid about such things, I would suggest changing your PS account password just to be on the safe said. Have you ever used the same account on a different physical machine?

Not sure what to do about the missing ore-checked rewards though - you’ll need to contact the support desk and see what they suggest.

Nope, never used that PW on anything else or any other machine. Already have a ticket in with 2K and Gearbox. Very sad about this as it IS a grind. Also, I am apparently not the only person having this issue per above…

Welp, heard back from 2K, and good old fashioned “shut down your PS4 (ie not rest mode) and turning it back on after a while” actually FIXED it. Was able to open reward crates and get my goodies. Hope this helps anyone else having this issue!!

I keep forgetting that a lot of people don’t actually shut their console down when they’re done for the day. Yeah, it’s a good thing to do once in a while! Glad you got it sorted.

I tried that as well after it was missing and still didn’t work. 2k said to reinstall game which is what I am attempting now. Such a long process! If this doesn’t work I hope they give something more than this whole restart / uninstall process.

Reinstall game on PS4? Make sure you back up your progress.

One other thing RE the reboot–I helped someone else out last night doing the same thing. Waiting 15 minutes wasn’t long enough; I gave it over an hour, when the guy I helped gave it over an hour it cleared up and he was able to get his loot. I think I know what’s going on here. Where I work, we work on a platform that calls back to a remote server. When something glitches, we have to log out on our side but then give it time to register as logged off on THEIR side. Same thing may be going on here.

Good luck!

Good luck!

Yea i did the uninstall and reinstall already. Still nothing. I will try the full power down for an hour and see if that does anything . Just odd that SMG was only award that wasn’t given. Everything else came in fine.

Good luck! If still nothing, do a new uninstall and wait an hour to reinstall; again I think that part of the issue is that the server-side needs to “get the message” that you uninstalled and logged out fully. Also, if the ONLY thing missing is the SMG, 2K may be able to help you with that one item. Also be sure to get a screenshot showing your progress; I got a pulse back from 2K right away when I showed them evidence that I really got my hearts.

Example attached here

Yea I sent a picture of everything unlocked for event before I uninstalled the game. Came back to it this morning and still no SMG after having game uninstalled and powered off all night. Looked in mail and vault as well but nothing. It was the only reward I was looking forward to since I am not a sniper user. Hoping 2k responds back soon. Already sent them 3 replies after each attempt of resetting the game.