Missing season pass in collectors edition

I preordered the collectors edition on pc to get everything then when it came I installed it but never really played it was waiting for dlc and to be in the mood and now Ive come to play it Ive realised I’m MISSING THE SEASON PASS It never came with my collectors edition I SHOULD OWN ONE its what I PAID FOR also no duluxe edition code Either… What the hell I want my DLC

The game copy that comes with the collectors edition is the super deluxe edition, and includes the season pass with the game code.
Play the game and go to sanctuary and see if you have the dlc mission posters.

This^ The only people who would have a separate code for the season pass would be those who bought vanilla base game and later on purchased the season pass separately.

You should have:

  1. A poster outside Moxxi’s bar for DLC1
  2. A wedding invitation in Hammerlock’s quarters for DLC2
  3. A poster on the game table opposite the lost loot machine for DLC3

The trailer for DLC4 is dropping next week…