Missing skill point + more

Hey, Just wanted to report that I’m experiencing a bug where I am missing a skill point. I’m level 28 as of writing this post and only have 25 skill points listed when I should have 26. I’ve used the Respec option a few times both in Solo and Multiplayer.

Another issue is that in Multiplayer a friend kept having his missions switching randomly (from the Main Quest waypoints to Side Quest Waypoints which caused confusion and headaches). It’s an awful bug that needs to go.

I submitted a ticket (I think) for the Skill Point issue, I hope there’s an easy fix. I would hate to have to start over/lose progression.


Hey dude !
had the same issue today, got lv 10 zane & my girlfriend lv 10 amara,
Got 9 Skill point & she got 8 SP,
And for you, you should have 27 point, 1st point come at lv 2

Hope this will be fix soon :slight_smile:

You get your action skill at level 2 but you don’t get a point till level 3. So I should have 26 (26+2=28) but I have 25 which makes me one short.

So i dont understand why i have 9 pts refund with a lv 10 zane \o/

I have the same Problem on PC im lvl 40 and only have 37 skillpoints. 39->40 give me no skillpoint.
I changed game to my friend with lvl 39 99% and in the game from my friend i was lvl 40 without a skillpoint…

I’m missing one and you have one extra. GIMME. lol

You guys think it’s an issue that they can fix remotely or with a patch/quick fix?

@Rabid_Explosions have you heard anything back? I think im missing one as well…

Sadly I haven’t. I’m just praying they fix it so fast that it’s fixed before I hear back lol. It’s a gamebreaking bug after all. We might have lost 1 point, but there are people who have lost ALL points.

Missing a point as Amara. Hoping for a fix soon

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When I hit level 8 I didnt recieve a point. I almost thought it was intentional.

Nope, it’s a bug and I hope they roll out a hotfix soon.

Same here. Same Situation between 33>34

i am lvl 31 an got only 1 skill point :smiley:

I also have lost skill points I am lvl 37 and had all skills in the “Fist of elements” tree, I went and respecced but now I can’t put all points in that tree I’m missing 10 skill points.

I am level 30 in currently only have 3 skill points I am playing on xbox and I believe the glitch derives from respecting your character!! You have fix this please help!

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Literally game breaking. You cant even unlock abilities.

I’m missing 35 skill point on flak I left the game with my 35 skill remaining and the thing said I had zero when I got back the next day. I mad

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I think it might take a patch to fix the respec issue. Till then I’ll be incomplete lol. Hope this is solved soon. Sorry to hear about the people who are missing more than one.

I’m missing a skill point and the trophy for hitting 50. Hit 50, no skill point, no trophy :confused:

Got a response from a rep. This is what it said:

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to Pandora’s own 2K support in regards to the technical issue here.

Would you please try these troubleshooting steps and let us know if any of them helped:

  1. Cache Clear your console using the steps here: Click Me
  2. Please try verifying the installation of the game files using the steps here: Click Me
  3. Uninstall and re-install the game: Click Me Be sure to backup your files!
  4. For connection based issues try some general network troubleshooting for your platform. PS4/XB1 or PC

If the Issue persists, please get back to us with the following info:

  • Platform:
  • Gamertag:
  • Names and number of any items you’re missing: (Include any missing Golden Keys as well)
  • Your SHiFT email address:
  • SHiFT ID (This can be found in the game while on the input SHiFT code menu. Press Y, Triangle or F1 and a hidden menu with your SHiFT ID will pop up):
  • A Video or Screenshot of the issue occurring: How to upload to your Support Ticket
  • PC Only Please provide us with your MSINFO and DXDIAG. How to upload your DXDIAG and MSINFO to your support ticket

Once we get that information we can load it into our CL4P-TP unit for processing!


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