Missing Skill Point! Only have 47

I play on PC and I am currently on max level on Mayhem 3 but I am missing a skill point on Amara. I don’t have any other characters right now. I play a lot with my friend online. Is there a way to fix this?

Same here no reply yet i see

I opened a ticket. After 2 weeks my character zane still missing a skill point and is unable to gain guardian points. Still no reply on the topic.

Ran into same issue. My Amara is 50 but only has 47 skill points. I can still earn guardian rank points though. About to submit a ticket.

Got a message today from support team. Issue should be solved when Epic Launcher and BL3 got their updates. I made sure, both had the latest update and loaded the character.

Still 47 skill points. So … not good.

Skill point issue got escalated and ticket got closed. I got 5 golden keys. So after about 3 weeks still no solution.

How are everybody else’s tickets doing?

same here

Skill point issue is solved now. Seems that the latest patch fixed it. [imagine “Ode to Joy” playing loudly]