Missing skill tree icons

Anyone else?

Just started after last hot fix. My Moze is fine.

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Same here on Zane

I’ve had the problem a couple of times. I just restarted the game and everything was fine again.

Yep. I had that happen a lot. Tried exiting the game and restarting. Tried exiting and shutting down the game and restarting. Tried all that AND restarting my PS4. Didn’t work on any of those accounts.

And then I read an advice on basically shutting down the game while having started it up with the character in question, basically, and… that somehow fixed it, go fig. As in start the game with Zane, and then press the PS button on my pad and shut down the game, then restart it.

This happened to me yesterday and it affected all my characters. I figured it was because I was saving and quitting so many times while farming (on the PS4 once you save/quit more than 20 times or so performance really degrades and you have to completely exit and relaunch the game–not as bad in BL3 as in BL2, but still bad). I exited and re-launched and it was fine.

In my case I was playing as Moze, but loaded up a Zane save to swap some gear and noticed it on him–I then checked my FL4K, Amara and it was on them too.