Missing Skins/ Badass Points

Started playing for first time on my ps4 yesterday and save/exit before i switchd off later that night.
Today when i went to continue my game all skins ive unlocked so far and what badass points ive had (500 something like that) are all gone. All my money/items i have in my bag are all fine. Another thing ive noticed as well is with my golden keys, I had 27 yesterday then i used 7 so i had 20 left when i saved the game and quit. When i noticed the skins and all that missing i also saw that my golden keys were back to 27 again.

( Ive tested this over and over today ; played for a bit had skins unlocked/badass points higher again, spend some keys. Save and exit the game then i would load up and continue the game to see the problem still happening.)

Not sure if this is happening to anyone else but i hope it gets fixed soon.