Missing Skins in Quick Change Menu

I don’t know if anyone else has experience this glitch but last night I picked up the “Dahl Fatigues” skin for Athena (seen in the image below) from one of the weapon vending machines, I clicked on the skin pattern item from my backpack and it applied but upon opening my Quickchange menu I couldn’t find the skin anywhere.

Anyone else have this problem? Can it be fixed or do I have to wait for the “Item of the Day” to feature it any buy it again?

Are you sure the one you bought was actually for Athena? There are others, such as: http://orcz.com/Borderlands_Pre-Sequel:Dahl_Fatigues-_Wilhelm

Ugh, just checked and found that out. Until now, I always thought all drops were character specific (for single player), excluding character mods. Oh well. Thanks for the protip.