Missing Sound Effects

I recently went to play HWR again, but when I went to play some random skirmishes vs cpu (no mods) and I noticed there are zero sound effects from any ships. After playing around some I noticed a few things,

  1. the sound during the gearbox logo gets cut off with a bit of a pop
  2. if you start with hwr1 campaign, the kushain/taiidan ships have sound, but hiigaran (and presumably vagyr) don’t
  3. staring with hwr2 campaign no fleets have no sound effects
  4. no hyperspace sounds period
  5. no battle scars are being applied despite them being on in options…

Anyone have any fixes? I know I didn’t use to have these problem when I last played probably a year or so ago…
I have verified files, I have reinstalled the game, tried making a new profile and nothing.

I’ve been having the same issue. I get music and voices, but no sound effects of any kind. I’m considering installing on my other pc as its win 7 to test. The newest windows update has been glitching out a lot of games.

Can we get a mod or dev to verify if its a windows issue or a game issue?

All I can suggest is filing a support ticket. Us mods mostly just deal with forum issues.


That said… There have been some odd things with audio reported in the PC tech support sections for BL1 and BL2. So you may want to do a search through those sections and see if anything looks similar to your situation. One common culprit seems to be 3rd party chat software and some ‘enhanced’ audio drivers that interfere with the audio pipeline if they’re running during game start up.

Anyway - good luck, and please post back if you find a solution!