Missing special edition head (axton)

I’ve got the Handsome collection on ps4 and just started playing Axton again and noticed when I was changing his heads that his Snowblind special edition head is missing, all my other characters have it pre loaded does he not have it or is this some kind of bug/glitch? They usually sit next to the Vault Veteren heads

The Snowblind head was a pre-order bonus for the Collector’s edition of Borderlands 2. I’m not sure what the situation with the Handsome Collection is currently - mine carried over when I imported my saves from the previous gen console (360 in my case) - or why you’d only be missing one out of the set. I did however get an extra one (complete with the corresponding skin) when I started a Boosted Axton after the recent update for the 5th DLC - not sure if that’s a general bonus? Worth a shot.

Otherwise, you could file a support ticket or hit the trade section in case someone got an extra like I did.

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Bro thank you so much, I’m 99% sure they’re supposed to come pre loaded so yeah I’ve got no idea where mine went but I created a level 30 pre made and there they were in my inventory, greatly appreciated man it was getting me gutted thinking I’d never be able to complete his set.

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